The Karate taught at our academy combines a number of styles.
There is a strong traditional emphasis on basic technique, self defence and *Kata in order to develop strength, focus and discipline.

We believe Karate is the ultimate in self defence and body conditioning, and can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels.
Not only will you learn an effective form of self defence, you will become fit, strong and improve your self confidence.

* Kata is a pre determined set of techiques that are practiced in sequence.


Kickboxing is primarily the sport of martial arts which originates from Karate.
The training mainly consists of  practicing punching and kicking techniques to pads and sparring. 
Everyone can alter their level of training and contact depending on how comfortable they are.
Our senior students and experienced adults train Full Contact.

Circuit Training. 

Circuit training is a good way to work on your all round fitness and strength.It is a great way to lose weight an stay trim.It involves a 30 minute continuous workout moving from station to station every 1.5 minutes.

´╗┐You can alter the exercises depending upon your age and ability meaning anyone can take part.